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These links give some good information - but also quite a bit of misinformation. Treat with care everything you read on these pages.


Sydney Sandstone Chemical Bonded Anchor Tests Thesis

South African Bolting Tests - U bolt tests

American Safe Climbing Association - Lots of excellent info

ASCF Article: History of American bolting - really good reading

ASCF Article: Mechanical Bolts guide

ASCF Article: Bolts: bomber or time bombs

ASCF Article: Reducing the Visual Impact of Bolt hangers


How to Bolt Rockclimbing Routes

Fish Products Bolting Page

American Bolting Video

Parks Victoria Climbing Code

Victorian Climbing Club Bolting Policy (PDF)

Victorian Climbing Club

Tasmanian Climbing New Routes Guide

MANUFACTURERS, SUPPLIERS - Australian online bolting supplies (percentage of profits goes to Safer Cliffs Aust)

Adrenaline Climbing Equipment - Australian gear manufacturer

Fixe Bolting Equipment

Ramset Australia

Powers Australia

Hilti Australia

Climb Tech Removable Bolts