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Safer Cliffs Victoria is a non-profit voluntary organization of climbers who maintain the safety of rock climbing areas in Victoria. Dangerous fixed anchors such as sun damaged slings, worn abseil anchors and rusty bolts are replaced so that the climb is as safe as on its first ascent. Environmental concerns are important to Safer Cliffs Victoria and every means possible is used to camouflage the replacement fixed anchors so they are less visible than the original dangerous anchors. Equipment used is to the highest quality and designed to last for many decades of regular and continued use. Old fixed anchors that are not being used for modern climbing will be removed and not replaced. We are not involved in retrobolting routes without permission from the first ascentionists. Safer Cliffs Victoria relies entirely on donations of gear, time, equipment and money to continue work. If you have anything to donate please contact us at

This is an informal group of like-minded climbers who are willing to discuss and ‘give-back’ to the Victorian climbing community. We can advise on the best bolting practices, cheapest locally available bolts and use community discussion to make sure we are doing the right thing. Please report dangerous anchors by using the forum section of this page or contacting us at

We recommend the services of who supply bolting equipment across Australia at vastly discounted prices. A percentage of their profits goes towards funding Safer Cliffs Australia projects.

The Victorian Climbing Club has a bolting policy which is worth reading. Read the document here.

DISCLAIMER – No single fixed anchor can be guaranteed safe. Natural cliffs are geologically formed places which are constantly changing and as such no anchor placement is always safe. Time, weather and other naturally occurring instances will damage all anchors over time. Safer Cliffs Victoria does not recommend trusting your life to a single anchor. Unless you are willing to take responsibility for your own life then do not rock climb or abseil. Rock climbers do not sue.

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