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Use this visual guide to identify dangerous bolts that lurk on our local cliffs. If you spot anything that looks like this then report it on the Victoria forum or Queensland forum. To see the bad bolt museum click here.

Obvious dangerous fixed piton! Mild steel carrot with broken surface rock Rusty mild steel carrot sticking out too far
Rusted homemade ring with rusted expansion bolt Very dangerous 'screw in' ring bolt with no glue Classic Mike Law mild steel carrot with homemade hanger
Bent badly glued chain. Undersized expansion 'rivet' in soft rock Rusted cad-plated dynabolt
Stainless steel mis-match with hanger and bolt Very dodgy bash in rusty belay bolt. Homemade hanger and non-stainless expansion bolt.
Shoddy job in that the ring isn't countersunk properly Non-rated 8mm Chain link 'hanger' Rusty cad-plated hangerless dynabolt
Appalling rusty hanger thing bashed into crack Rusty 10mm dynabolt and homemade hanger Homemade rusty hanger and carrot
Homemade aluminium hanger Ringbolt that is not recessed - glued in with capsule glue. Very bad. Corroded aluminium hanger
Hardware 'eyebolt' - not recessed. Rusty bent bash in carrot Glue in machine bolt with no visible surface glue
Short rusty bash in carrots Very rusty rap chain Homemade rusty hanger
Fully threaded rusty bash in carrot next to crack Mini rusted expansion bolt Unrecessed ringbolt. When will people learn?
Mini rusted expansion bolt Very corroded under-driven bash in carrot bolt Under-driven stainless bash in carrot bolt
Dangerously worn U-bolt sticking a long way out. Bash in carrot bolt with surface rock fracture Rusted small mallion on end of rusty chain.
Petzl self drill 8mm bolt with aluminium hanger Rivet hanger combo. Very dangerous. Ugly 8mm glue in pin bolt.
Damaged rock around carrot Two bolts in one hanger How far is this in the rock?

Below is some of examples of dangerous bolts and hangers removed from classic Victorian climbs by the Safer Cliffs Team in the last 12 months. All have been replaced with new bolts.